Facilities for physical education and sports

Part of the university comprises an indoor physical education pavilion with a swimming pool and gyms for ballgames and combat sports. The pavilion also has a fitness centre with above-standard equipment.

An open outdoor area with running tracks and other sections for light athletics is complemented by tennis courts and a court for volleyball and five-a-side soccer. These sports grounds are covered with an artificial "MONDO" surface for light-athletic disciplines and other sports at an almost professional level. Part of the area also comprises a grass football pitch and sections for other disciplines (shot-put, long jump, petanque, etc.).

The physical education area is fully used for physical and movement training, both as part of lessons and during university students, teachers and employees' free time. A Police Academy Sports Club also operates at Police Academy of the Czech Republic. This was established in 1990 and it currently brings together 12 sports sections with more than 160 members from the current ranks of students, employees, former students, officers of the Czech Police and civilians.

During the winter, preference is given to ski-training courses at the Přední Labská training centre, which is located in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) between Vrchlabí and Špindlerův Mlýn. This facility is primarily used, not just in the winter, but also during the spring and summer, for training groups of students and participants in lifelong learning courses. The centre's free capacity can be used for recreational purposes by students and employees of the university. Catering is provided in the nearby leisure centre of the Ministry of Justice.


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