Faculty of Security and Law

In its development, the Faculty of Security and Law has primarily focused on consolidating the teaching of individual profile disciplines of a policing and security nature as well as related legal disciplines, particularly criminal law and administrative law (including the criminal science and criminology ensuing from this) in connection with the further integration of the education process with the practices of Police of the Czech Republic and other security corps.

Individual departments provide tuition in the fields of criminal science (criminal science techniques, tactics and methodologies for investigating crimes), criminology (social aspects and contexts of criminal phenomena, modern method of limiting criminality), professional preparation (theoretical and practical knowledge, use of self defence, tactics, police operations, fitness and firearms training), criminal law (substantive and procedural law), foreigners' police (issues concerning economic crime, organised crime, the protection of state borders, visa practices), security services' technical resources (communications, recording, measuring and security technologies, the detection of explosives and weapons), security services (local and municipal police, private security services) and the theory of police security services (police law, theory of informational security, intelligence services).

Scientific research activity is focused on dealing with the criminal science issues of other aspects of police science. Besides this, the faculty workplace participates in handling security research tasks in accordance with the needs of the department of the Ministry of the Interior and police practices. In the field of criminalistics, research is primarily focused on developing generally theoretical criminal science issues and practices as well as the advancement of forensic science, especially the new scientific discipline of forensic biomechanics. In this respect, research will focus on developing possibilities for the use of forensic biomechanics as well as the epistemological basis of forensic biomechanics.

Studies in the given fields are primarily aimed at workers in the department of the Ministry of the Interior and Police of the Czech Republic.

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