Rooms for learning

Classrooms, lecture theatres, study rooms and laboratories are concentrated in the teaching pavilion. This pavilion for learning is visually situated in the centre of the university campus, and is structurally connected with the other facilities for those using the university (the assembly hall, school canteen, study library, cafeteria, rectorate, and faculties). There are six large lecture theatres in this pavilion with a capacity of 1080 places as well as auditoriums and other classrooms with a capacity of 20 to 80 places. There are also specialised teaching rooms for learning languages, psychology and PC classrooms. 17 study rooms and laboratories comprise an integral part of this area (with the most extensive being the criminal science study). These are used for direct learning, and the facility includes a "scene of the crime - investigation" room, for example, as well as other specialist workplaces for inspecting a crime scene, which are equipped with technical devices as well as equipment for dactyloscopy and mechanoscopic analysis (technique and methodology). There are also two darkrooms.

The criminal science-biomechanics laboratory is a relatively new workplace, which has been designed for various scientific-criminalistics purposes. Under laboratory conditions, it is possible to simulate the various ways and means in which a human body falls. It also allows for the examination of the individual identification of people according to locomotive movement as well as for experiments focusing on the power dynamics of a blow depending on time and the strain placed on the body in extreme conditions. Experiments are conducted here with the aid of strain-gauge boards, accelerometers, and the high-speed scanning of rapid actions.

This pavilion also houses a detached division and study department, a study library and special library, as well as a laser-firing range. Furthermore, there is even a cafeteria for the supplementary sale of drinks and refreshments. The lecture theatres and a number of classrooms are equipped with PCs and data-projectors. There are electronic information systems located in the entrance hall. These offer up-to-date information on tuition and the university's day-to-day affairs. In this area, there are also PC booths with an internet connection, which students have free access to. Moreover, there is no shortage of student bulletins and reports on what is happening in individual departments and the other public universities.


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