Links between education and scientific research activities

The aims of the university's research plan create good conditions for using the results of research activity in education. Some outcomes are implemented directly in education as study literature or teaching aids. In particular, within the framework of the integrated study project entitled "Optimising the System of Education at Police Academy of the Czech Republic," they are used for specific measures in the methodology and organisation of tuition at university faculties.

Through the accreditation and launch of studies in a doctoral study programme, the university has taken on responsibility for training a new generation of science and research workers. A given priority is to make studies more effective and to ensure that doctoral thesis topics are more closely linked to the scientific research activity of departments and scientific research establishments.

The university cooperates with other entities in dealing with the research plan and scientific research projects. These entities not only include those that operate within the department. It also concerns a number of institutes operating in the non-governmental sector.

In particular, this pertains to the Prague Institute of Criminal Science (issues dealing with finding, securing and examining criminal clues), the Outpatient Centre for Defects of the Locomotor System affiliated with the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague (issues concerning evolutionary and systemic defects of the locomotor system in relation to footprint identification characteristics), the Institute of Forensic Engineering in Brno (the issue of clues while solving traffic accidents), the Prague Institute of Forensic Medicine (issues concerning the forensic biomechanics of the body's extreme dynamic load), the Prague Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention (issues concerning the development of criminological sciences), the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague (drug-related issues in road transport), the Department of Explosives, Research Institute of Industrial Chemistry (VÚPCH), Explosia a.s.,* Pardubice - Semtín (cooperation within the scope of the specific project VVZ PA ČR 3/7 - the X-Ray Detection of Explosives), Prague City Hall - Crisis Management Department and Crime Prevention Department (cooperation in dealing with a grant project in the area of crime prevention called the "Police Officer on the Street"), the Transport Research Centre of the Czech Ministry of Transport (disputation on a project and the outcome of surveys carried out by this workplace), the Czech Helsinki Committee (cooperation within the framework of the Czech Helsinki Committee grant project "Human Rights and the Police"), AFCEA - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Czech branch (in the area of information and communications technologies in information security and simulating security situations and information systems), AFOI - an association of firms for the protection of organisations (information security issues), University of Defence in Brno (in the area of management and ICT), Bílý kruh bezpečí (domestic violence issues), University of Pardubice (cooperation within the specific project 4/5 VVZ PA ČR - Language Education from the Perspective of Cultural Differences),the Institute for Intercultural Didactics in Göttingen (in relation to the specific project 4/5 VVZ PA ČR - Language Education from the Perspective of Cultural Differences), the Legislative Council of the Government of the Czech Republic (working commission on administrative law as well as the analysis and interpretation committee, consultation in the area of legislation, administrative law), T-SOFT (development of security software, assistance in building a crisis management laboratory and consultation on the training of specialists), and, last but not least, the Lázně Bohdaneč Population Protection Institute (cooperation and consultation in the organisation of specialist events concerning the management of the Fire Rescue Service and public administration workers).


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