Careers for graduates

The breakdown of students and the diversification of the studies on offer are determined by study programmes and disciplines. Decisive prerequisites for the further diversification of study programmes were created by establishing the Faculty of Security and Law as well as the Faculty of Security Management. This fact will also be significantly reflected in the profiles of graduates as well as in the different breakdowns of students from the individual faculties. We expect that the development of the faculties will also further shape the diversification of study programmes. Access to studies at the university remains open to applicants from a community of experts as well as civilians from the general public.

The priority of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic continues to be the creation of conditions for graduates-police officers to pursue careers, particularly at the department of the Ministry of the Interior, with the state Police of the Czech Republic, municipal and local police, the Military Police, the Customs Administration, the Security Information Service, the Prison Service, the Fire Rescue Service, and private security services.

University preparation at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague is a determining factor in the profiling of police professionals and managers. It has met with positive responses among representatives of senior police management. An absolute majority of graduates from the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague have been appraised by their superiors as being successful or very successful.

After completing their studies, civilian graduates can apply to work with the Police of the Czech Republic or pursue a career as management workers and specialists while arranging security in the public and private security services sectors, as well as in industry, finance and other lines of business. Alternatively, they may also work in other areas of administration and local government. Civilian graduates represent an important reserve of personnel that can not only supplement the police, but also the fire-fighting corps, for example, with young qualified people who are highly motivated to work in the given sector. This fact confirms the legitimacy of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague's status as an open school, i.e. a departmental school that is also open to civilian students. Even though people interested in a fulltime form of study have usually not completed any work experience in the sector, their numbers exceed the capacity of the school several times over, which thereby allows for the very best candidates to be chosen within the framework of enrolment procedures.

We will continue to focus personnel marketing on arranging direct contact between students of higher and final years in bachelor and master's studies and workers from the human resources departments of the security corps as well as from state administration and local government institutions. Naturally, we will also keep conducting surveys of the careers of graduates of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in practice. Through empirical research we will continue to ascertain what careers graduates find in the department of the Ministry of the Interior and in other sections of the state administration and local government. The information obtained concerning graduates' opinions of the content and formal aspects of learning with regard to their preparedness for pursuing a vocation will allow us to formulate conclusions leading to the optimisation of the teaching process at the university..

Graduates have expert knowledge and professional skills at their disposal, which correspond to wider European parameters. Empirical surveys in the years 2008 and 2009 confirm how the quality of studies at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic continues to be highly rated by experts and the general public as well as by the students themselves (including both fulltime students and those in combined forms of study). The pressing requirements of both police and security work have been successfully reflected at the school, and the possibilities for individual study profiling and study mobility have also managed to be extended, not just in connection with the tangible introduction of the European ECTS credit system.


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