Mission and objectives

The management of Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague believes the main purpose of its activity is to maintain the university's high level of prestige, even in the competitive environment of other colleges. Police Academy is a university of the highest standard, a centre of education, theoretical knowledge and creative activity. The most striking proof of this is the fact that Police Academy provides high-quality, respected education, which attracts a constantly growing level of interest in studies. Even despite a demanding enrolment procedure, the number of applicants is higher from year to year, and exceeds the school's capacity several times over.

Police Academy reacts quickly to changes in the security situation, whilst systematically evaluating and innovating study programmes, modernising forms of teaching, promoting a combination of learning and work experience in security corps, developing lifelong learning programmes and scientific research activity.

Lessons are held in traditional classrooms that are equipped with above-standard computer technology for lectures in theoretical fields as well as in special classrooms that are only typical for police academies. Students are also taught in studies with projection technology and video simulators as well as in technical, chemical and crime laboratories. Last but not least, they also make use of a sports complex. It is totally logical that, besides theoretical preparation, high demands are also placed on students' physical fitness. It is no coincidence, therefore, that there are not only international sports representatives among the ranks of students, but also top models.

The school's prestige, even at an international level, is borne out by the high level of interest from abroad in international exchange programmes for students and teachers, participation in joint research projects as well as the multitude of conferences and meetings that Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague has been holding up to now directly on its own premises. The reputation that Police Academy has attained is the result of intensive work by academic employees, ranging from rectors, vice-rectors, and lecturers to other employees, who do not directly influence teaching but who nonetheless have a considerable influence on the performances of students and academic workers. .

Rectors are appointed for a four-year term of office. Two new faculties were established as of December 2008 - the Faculty of Security and Law and the Faculty of Security Management. These not only do justice to the profile of graduates but also that of the entire university. The faculties are headed by deans as well as an academic senate elected for a four-year period.


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