Faculty of Security Management

The Faculty of Security Management is rooted in common law and natural science, whilst emphasising the general and specific components of administrative law as well as issues concerning risk analysis and management. In the field of risk analysis, in particular, it closely cooperates with the Fire Rescue Service (HZS) and other HZS units. The number of programmes and disciplines will probably not be extended, but the existing programme will gradually be moving constantly closer to EU security issues.

The individual departments of the faculty provide tuition in the fields of crisis management (prevention, dealing with and minimising the consequences of extraordinary events and crises), management and information science (data protection, information security economics and management economics, information systems, statistical methods), public administration (administrative law, police law, the law on administering taxes and charges, environmental law, etc.), public law disciplines (jurisprudence and governmental studies, human rights, European and international law), private law disciplines (commercial law, labour law, civil law, social law), social science (police and forensic psychology, political science, sociology, professional and police ethics) and language tuition (teaching and certificationn of specialist language pertaining to security and law, crisis management, criminal science and police management).

In terms of scientific research, the faculty primarily focuses on issues concerning security, innovation and technology, security and infrastructure, security and competitiveness as well as security and society. In the first field of study, the priority will be the search for ways in which security research can reduce the threats and dangers posed by assailants and disasters. In particular, this concerns protection against terrorism, organised crime and catastrophes as well as issues concerning reactions to crises. In the next discipline mentioned, the objective will be to find methods in which security research can reduce society's vulnerability. The third area will focus on ways in which security research can contribute to a growth in competitiveness. This therefore concerns the development of new markets, innovative mediation, and the social and economic perspectives of security. In the fourth area, attention will be devoted to finding ways of recognising the causes of radicalisation and threats together with designating strategies for counteractions to contribute to the security of society.

At the bachelor's level, studies in the given field are intended for basic and middle management roles in the bodies and organisations of the state security system, while at the master's level they are intended for middle and senior management roles.


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